Pirate Men Edit

Evil men set to get as much as they can from whomever they choose. Normally found on their ships or in hidden camps. They come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and thus come in many shapes and sizes, with a variety of weapons from pistols to axes and cutlasses. They normally attack a lone stranger on sight.

Native Tribesmen Edit

Some tribes are neutral, others are very hostile. They will attack on sight, and quite probably cook and eat you afterwards.

Fishmen Edit

Creatures formed from sea fish and men, an evil version of a merman. Using long tridents, and living on remote and barren islands. Living close to the shore, they represent a problem to the region as they have been known to attack ships.

Sharkmen Edit

Similar to other mer creatures but these are a combination of sharks and men. Using weapons fashioned from narwhal tusks, they have a job of guarding the underworld.

Dead Pirates Edit

Long dead pirates, either executed or left to die. Their cursed remains will attack if awoken by loud noises. Only hitting them hard enough them will put them back to sleep.

Dead Tribesmen Edit

Reanimated bones and clothing remain by some evil curse, these long dead warriors will attack if awoken by looters.

Crystal Warriors Edit

These creations made from the souls of crystallized men who dared venture where they should not of. Aggressive to whomever comes into their realm. They can summon structures from the earth in the form of quartz shards.

Stone Guardians Edit

Animated stone behemoths formed from the earth itself. Cursed by voodoo magic, similar to Golems, they protect that which has been tasked to them. They are tough and use the environment to their advantage if awoken.

Lava Golems Edit

Formed from the firey molten rock inside the Black Volcano, these demons steam and smoke ash as they wander aimlessly, hoping to find a victim to burn.